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Looking for my website?

Its gone dark.

The host left the table. I am in the process of rebooting Buzzpie studio so I can add, subtract and drop in images with abandon!

It will take “awhile”. Since at the moment I am busy doing restoration/conservation technician work for 2 clients. I do love the “outside the studio” work, then there is the question of available time.

Not much of that right now.

5 Red truths.

5 Red truths.

This will shift as everything does.

This image initially came to me from a dream, then I modified the content when I started working on it in ernest.

Of course spring is being it’s usual fickle fem. See you on the flip side

Get him! Get him now and forever until next time.

Get him! Get him now and forever until next time.

Get him! Detail of furry horse rider.

Get him! Detail of furry horse rider.

Trio of doozies, installment 3.

This time THE BAD THING is loud and behind me. So terrifying. I had to escape. Fortunately my alter egos were running the show atop a VERY POWERFUL red steed. They were not taking any shit from the army of anger behind me. They commanded the horse to wheel around and vanquish the bad thing.

This was done using a very defiant shout, which was all the bad thing needed…to shrink away.

Handy to have helpers.

It was a challenge getting the right feel to depict this dream “still”. Just like the other two. I don’t give up until that happens.

Neither should you.

You know when something, anything, has integrity or not. Honor that.


When the wheel of time is experienced more as a circle, the passing of it is loaded with flux—the good kind.

So here we are, the end, the beginning. This the final piece from the chakra series.  I decided to go for 8, which includes the shining well hovering above each and every one of our heads.

Yes, EVERYONE. Some gain more access than others, and that’s just how it is for now – we can’t all be butterflies, or eagles.

Several pieces from this series found just the right home. That is the purpose of these visual portals after all, making the sweet loop with a human. Over and over again. Something new, fresh every visit.

Eye breath.

I really enjoyed working on the wood panels, a rigid surface felt more grounding than the slight bounce of working on linen. Now I mostly work on gessoed paper and work on the wall. That will continue for some time – though I do feel the call of linen again in my future.

Now, after a beautiful summer here on the island, the shift into cool happens. Gotta just ride it.

Get comfortable in that weather saddle of uncertainty.

8 Everlight shine on

8 Everlight shine on 



The golden eagle came for a visit in my mind’s eye a couple of years ago – its hard to tell – since last week seems like a century ago – Now, I focus on the Great Eastern Sun for  teachings and illumination. Home of the Golden Eagle/Condor.

The visit came during corpse pose in a yoga class.  He was to guide me into an adventure!  I hopped on, trusted he knew where he was going.  Now I am involved in Shamanic healing practices – specializing in guided journeys.  The conjuring of painting images and messages of animals are now linked.

That took awhile.

Here’s the painting.

4 look far, stay close

4 look far, stay close

OK. So it’s been a sustained busy time.  How much can be absorbed? How much can be NOTICED? What do you do with the NOTICED information? How much to discard?

While sitting today I got some answers from my power animals. TOO MUCH MOUSE energy.  This means “scrutiny”.  When you live in an unrenovated 1890’s house there’s a lot to see that’s “wrong”. See TOO much NOTICE TOO much and it creates agitation. So, my other power animal, the Jaguar wisely advised that he would swallow the mouse for awhile and give me some peace.

And you know, it worked.  I feel more refreshed and way less agitated.

I have new work to develop that requires a lot of mental space and clarity. BUT I also must do some more stuff clearing in a balanced way.

The deal is equanimity. Float like a leaf when living gets turbulent.  Just flow.

Mouse will return to his normal size when needed. Trust in the energy that flows into your crown.

Here is the 7th Chakra. Final.

7 Receive and Believe

7 Receive and Believe

Off with the leash!

2014 – Another year rocketed by. Fast? To me, yeah. Depends on your point of view.

I feel very off the leash of time  in the studio, particularly painting – there is a rhythmic timelessness that flows in the work. The surety of color selection and palette set up;  allowing  brushstrokes and color to flow finding the sure path. And yet, is mystery.  I knew none of this 30 years ago.

Yes, I get hungry. Yes, it gets cold. Yes, the light gets dim.  Those conditions are featured in ordinary reality. Creation and the channeling of ideas  happen outside of time.  I paint, harvesting  images making them sit and stay, in the field of time.

5 Truth. Trust. Tenacity final 2013

5 Truth. Trust. Tenacity final 2013

It feels good to trust your skills. Honed through thousands of hours of practice. Hundreds of fine brushes worn to stubs, still finding a last purpose before they are useless.

Here is the 5th finished painting in the chakra series.  I’ve decided to make 8 all together.  The 8th  is outside the field of time feeding us, and feeding itself  looping marvelously luminous creation.

Shine on everything. Every. Thing.

Yep, that’s the Hummer I’m talking about.  She’s the subject of the 3rd chakra.  She moves backwards and forwards in time shedding the past, remaining radiant.  When she needs to go under to conserve her energy she is nearly dead.  Torpor, not lethargy or sloth, a deliberate shutting down to save her energy.

She is a great teacher.  Shine through any adversity. We have that ability. Yes, things may suck now and then. But within, we always shine.

Remember that.

3 Shine through it all

3 Shine through it all