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So, there was the “election”. A heaving mass of hysteria and projection. Surfing through it became quite a feat. It took a long board, and a big piece of paper.

I am not one for “political” art. Having said that, the picture book I was utterly influenced by when a child (and then some), was completely political and fanciful and technically stunning and took place during the second world war. The artist’s name is Boris Freak Out Graphite + colored pencil on gessoed paper 40x26 2017 5k copyArtzybascheff. After the election an image came to mind from the book.; “Radio propaganda”. I used it as a basis for my own feelings on the election results.

You feeling it?

I made it my own, rendering orange hair atop the black and white face with its pinched, howling maw sputtering incoherent mush into a fistful of microphones.

Graphite. Nice and basic, elemental, meditative. Shish, shish, shish, using a few different grades of pencil – some softer than others. Right up on it. It’s HUGE, for me anyway, 40×26″. What about the back round? Black? White? Red? No. WORDS, a curse, an intention. I ┬ámethodically wrote; “go-go go get out now get away forever freak out now” etcetera. That was nicely focusing. Feeling better? Of course you are. I do.

So here it is. “Freak out”. Yah you better go-go now.


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