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I came across this item through an esoteric website I subscribe to. I had to have it.

What is it about the old symbols of alchemy I find so charming? The manner in which they are executed, surely. The earnest nature of their offering to communicate  a mystery. Definitely. The symbols of transmutation. One thing becomes another. A chemical change is permanent a physical change is reversible. One of those basic rules of science that stuck with me.

I don’t know what they mean, (well, maybe a little) but when combined together in a hefty large candle exquisitely crafted the meaning becomes secondary. I needed to have this item in my creative environment. A reminder.

The text reads “Do what you fear most and you can do ANYTHING”. Is this true? I find for the most part it is. Within reason of course (does fear trump reason?).

I light this candle most days when I am in the studio. This ritual sets the tone for my days work. It gets the focus humming. I make my music selection. Consider what I will accomplish for the session and begin to work. Sometimes its unexpected. I have to discern the difference between doubt and evaluation. After all these years evaluation wins all the time.

I have feared doubt.

It can be a crippling affliction, keeping your life’s energy from blooming into the expanse it is meant to be. Set doubt aside at every possible opportunity.

When doubt arises, look him straight on. What does he have to teach you?

Strength. Courage. Trust.you-can-do-anything-candle



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