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This painting is nearly finished. Here it is on its birthday. It’s very beginning.

It has Tuscan roots that began with a hike through ancient Tuffa cities, along sunken walkways of mustard colored volcanic rock. Most are deeply rutted from humans walking these very same routes centuries ago.

You can still feel them.

The art I make from these journeys emerges from my entire being. Its hard to say where it starts. I could say; eyes, breath, nose, my feet, skin. But its everything. EVERY THING. I feel all of its mystery. Mostly it’s the joy of being able to walk this amazing planet teeming with so, so, ┬ámuch life and feel connected to it all. Without feeling overwhelmed. This is key.

When I return home and process the journey, the key element is HOW DOES IT FEEL? I have lived in these truly beautiful landscapes, and I want to convey that through imagery, color, form.

Walk with me. This is the first step.


“The way up, is the way in” work in progress 2016. Oil on primed paper

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