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This outstanding animal went missing. Just before labor day ran out and the switch flipped from summer people to locals.

I knew him and his brother, Miles (who was lost several years ago) from the time they were slithery kittens. A more social or friendly pair of cats never lived. You had to have a care when they spotted you and came trotting over to flank both legs. A tripping machine.

Over time, Monty and I became quite close. He would spend hours in my studio hanging out when he finally calmed down and stopped screwing around with my stuff. He had a chair he shared with my cat, Smokey (horrors! not at the same time). Shmonty-on-my-desk-2016e’s quite a bit older (though in excellent health) and will have none of winters teeth and icy breath. So she pretty much stays inside when the weather isn’t prime. They don’t like each other much.

I love them both in their own way.

Monty had his own home across the street and was well loved. He was the man of the neighborhood, flopping down and offering his belly for a good rub, should you care to partake – and many passerbys did.

He had the most demure of meows – despite his 18 pounds of tabby brawn. I will miss him coming to my door wanting pets and treats and a nap. Its times like this that the concept of “impermanence” slices through loss and attachment, leaving you only the purest of residue at last. Love.



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