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I have had this German candy wrapper in my paintbox for more than 30 years.

I remember Heidi R., her quick footsteps approaching my studio door at the Emerson Umbrella in Concord, Massachusetts. She came in with this offering from a recent visit to her home.

Exotic. We each enjoyed one that afternoon. (I suspect she had a stash of them, though).

After she left, I looked at the wrapper and quite deliberately placed it in this slot in my paintbox. I don’t know why. It does not move. Here it stays. Immortal colored mylar.

The paints and supplies that have lived on top of this little wrapper came and went easily enough. The wrapper stays, barely nicked  by chemicals and time. Tough little jacket.

I don’t touch it.

Why do I keep this? This tiny slice of permance. This shiny illusion of stability.  I don’t know really. But here it stays.

I am not even sure if Heidi still lives. Her memory does.

I have the evidence.

Plum candy wrapper paintbox

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Ok me hearties, after several calls to tech support – who were all awesome by the way. And wiping dumb egg off my face for not SEEING the obvious. The new website is relaunched, or re-introduced in todays parlance.

So now I am reengaged in keeping it updated, since I am pretty much always making art and always will.

Jamestown had Open Studios this past Saturday the 30th. After an hour and a half of doing more sorting (it seems endless!) and filing my nails, the gate opened and wonderful people streamed in for several hours.

Who knew so many from Jamestown had been just as struck by Machu Picchu?? Really nice to connect with so many.

Looks like we will have another one next year! See you then!


This is how I felt about half way through the website.


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