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Sooooo…I officially chuck buzzpiestudio!

Instead I will have an online gallery with 12 pieces for sale at once.  When they sell 12 more go on the site. You get the picture.

It’s a lot to pull together conceptually, you understand.

It will be lots more up to date since I will update the gallery myself, aren’t you glad? I was told about a thousand years ago to “unmask yourself, it’s safe”. I will. I am. Time to exfoliate doubt.

Montemerano Hilltop Village Italy 2016

Montemerano Hilltop Village Italy 2016

I am also working on the new Italian series. Talk about feeling like I was HOME. I had been painting and drawing aspects of that luscious landscape for YEARS.

Here is one of the photos that serves as vibrational reference. HUUUMMMM.

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