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When the wheel of time is experienced more as a circle, the passing of it is loaded with flux—the good kind.

So here we are, the end, the beginning. This the final piece from the chakra series.  I decided to go for 8, which includes the shining well hovering above each and every one of our heads.

Yes, EVERYONE. Some gain more access than others, and that’s just how it is for now – we can’t all be butterflies, or eagles.

Several pieces from this series found just the right home. That is the purpose of these visual portals after all, making the sweet loop with a human. Over and over again. Something new, fresh every visit.

Eye breath.

I really enjoyed working on the wood panels, a rigid surface felt more grounding than the slight bounce of working on linen. Now I mostly work on gessoed paper and work on the wall. That will continue for some time – though I do feel the call of linen again in my future.

Now, after a beautiful summer here on the island, the shift into cool happens. Gotta just ride it.

Get comfortable in that weather saddle of uncertainty.

8 Everlight shine on

8 Everlight shine on 



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