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OK. So it’s been a sustained busy time.  How much can be absorbed? How much can be NOTICED? What do you do with the NOTICED information? How much to discard?

While sitting today I got some answers from my power animals. TOO MUCH MOUSE energy.  This means “scrutiny”.  When you live in an unrenovated 1890’s house there’s a lot to see that’s “wrong”. See TOO much NOTICE TOO much and it creates agitation. So, my other power animal, the Jaguar wisely advised that he would swallow the mouse for awhile and give me some peace.

And you know, it worked.  I feel more refreshed and way less agitated.

I have new work to develop that requires a lot of mental space and clarity. BUT I also must do some more stuff clearing in a balanced way.

The deal is equanimity. Float like a leaf when living gets turbulent.  Just flow.

Mouse will return to his normal size when needed. Trust in the energy that flows into your crown.

Here is the 7th Chakra. Final.

7 Receive and Believe

7 Receive and Believe

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