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2014 – Another year rocketed by. Fast? To me, yeah. Depends on your point of view.

I feel very off the leash of time  in the studio, particularly painting – there is a rhythmic timelessness that flows in the work. The surety of color selection and palette set up;  allowing  brushstrokes and color to flow finding the sure path. And yet, is mystery.  I knew none of this 30 years ago.

Yes, I get hungry. Yes, it gets cold. Yes, the light gets dim.  Those conditions are featured in ordinary reality. Creation and the channeling of ideas  happen outside of time.  I paint, harvesting  images making them sit and stay, in the field of time.

5 Truth. Trust. Tenacity final 2013

5 Truth. Trust. Tenacity final 2013

It feels good to trust your skills. Honed through thousands of hours of practice. Hundreds of fine brushes worn to stubs, still finding a last purpose before they are useless.

Here is the 5th finished painting in the chakra series.  I’ve decided to make 8 all together.  The 8th  is outside the field of time feeding us, and feeding itself  looping marvelously luminous creation.

Shine on everything. Every. Thing.

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