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Beyond the Bone in the Grace room 2013

Beyond the Bone in the Grace room 2013

…Is fine.

I finished this piece a little while ago, I confess its a new favorite. I love it when that happens – It just totally holds together.  The root of the “success” is the subject matter, brought forth through a journey guided with heart.

Crisp, clear image appeared intact. It was like I got a deposit. This kind of thing happens pretty often I have to say – some images are deeper than others. Much like our days, some shine more than others – others are downright “what????. They are all the weaving of the fabric of our life.

And so we carry on, receiving, doing, being.

Do it with lightness, and care.

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I changed my mind about what to immerse myself in next.  The portrait thing is an interesting exercise but won’t yield enough juice. Honestly, that ego monkey will try to sell you ANYTHING!  So I have to say “not now”.  Gotta be honest, right???

Instead I will do a series of 7 wood panel pieces – oh the delicious sturdiness of those boards!  I just have the drawings for starters.

Hold on there!  An image appeared that demanded to have life before the series.

I have obeyed it’s call.  Here is the underpainting and the drawing.  Now this feels right.  After looking closly at a image of a Jaguar I changed the spots on the so they are more irregular – It looked weird at first – but its the right thing.  My furred witness.

It’s been tough getting the white luminous figure to be a-sexual.  I think I have it now.  You’ll see later, I’ll take another shot when I have started to add the greens.

Beyond the bone in the Grace room - in progress

Beyond the bone in the Grace room – in progress

...Grace room - color study
…Grace room – color study

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