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Happy Fa-reaking 2013!  Here’s hoping all our trials will be won, with lessons learned.

The year of the Snake starts in February.  Here comes grounding and shedding what no longer serves us.


So, over a year ago I started collecting faces that spoke to me.

The thing started with a fantastic shot of the happiest face I had ever seen.  A friends husband  had summited Everest. The shot of him on the top of the world radiates such joy I had to do SOMETHING with it. The collection of faces started – mostly human emotive archetypes. But why? Don’t  know. So far the original image scraps from newspapers and screen shots are in a folder. I have done several drawings, here’s one.

Some  came from television…I love shooting off the TV, its so iffy. I have Don Draper, Number one, and King Leonides plus Rachel from Bladerunner (you get my drift).

Maybe something will come of this collection – for now it’s back burner stuff, still warm.

"The universe is a hologram" drawing 11x14" 2012

“The universe is a hologram” drawing 11×14″ 2o12

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