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Winter’s Bite

I know! It’s been awhile!

Time flies when your computer becomes unreliable, your mother becomes ill and dies – and grief rolls out. Loss, Pain, healing. None of us, exempt.

Then a new computer. Work is finished – of all kinds – then work starts.

“Urge” finished to my liking.  Pretty personal stuff. But WHAT IS ART if not personal expression?

I also did several drawings for a portrait series. I am not sure it’s going to gel in the way I at first imagined.  Then, a painting on paper of a vision in the afternoon in Maine “Un-time everlight shine”.  A day spent in absolute leisure. Rare, indeed. A day of seeing, breathing little doing.

I taught 3 delightful boys to believe utterly in the power of the imagination. Rich stuff.  More to come in January at the Jamestown Art Center.

A new series is perking. 7 paintings aligned with the power in the chakras. From the personal to the universal. It’s the way.

"Urge" mixed media on panel 11x14" 2012

“Urge” mixed media on panel 11×14″ 2012

Un-time everlight shine 12x30 2012 oil on paper

Un-time everlight shine 12×30″ 2012 oil on paper

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