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Yeah, I bit her toes off. I can recall

URGE in progress 2012

URGE detail

Immortality for a day 2 continued 2012

the URGE, I admit it.  The need to bite out of some kind of childhood frustration I cringe from revealing.  So I find this naked doll as I have many many times. This time it’s final, the house is getting cleared out and stuff, all of it,  HAS TO GO.

Setting  frenzy aside I consider the doll.  Art bound, now; A work in progress like I was,  and continue to be.  Now its made semi-permanent by modeling paste, gesso and words scored  into the now hard goo.

I kind of avoid it.  It sits white and mute, for the next session.

I have a large painting to finish.

I have the balance of Summer with its golden expansion to enjoy.

Things.  People.  Animals.  Flowers.  Water.

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