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A clear blue sky (glorious), salty air, mockingbirds  fooling other birds by its too fast songfest Рthis and more is all summer in Jamestown.  I just love it.

The bamboo curtain is a regular feature in my studio doors – providing easy access for my cat in addition to two bold boy cats next door – soon the air conditioner will provide relief enough to paint in comfort. Yep, I do like the heat but there are limits.

I’ve been working on the sister to “Initial sourcing of creation” (now finished). It’s been a pleasure to have it grow in its layers of color – each one finer tuned than the last. Trying to lard on more paint – this is always a challenge for me since I belong to the Blender school of painting – and that is difficult when you use more paint. Still, its satisfying. It is titled “Immortality for a day, 2.”

I am also working on a small piece involving a rubber baby doll i felt some infantile aggression for when I was 6. I was a feral child after all. You’ll see.

Into the blue/white heat of summer we go. ImageImage

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