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Even with a side track here and there – plus the teaching – work continues on “Initial sourcing of creation”  it’s slowed a bit in the past couple of weeks – I had to do a drawing from a dream – more on that later…

So.  Here is another work in progress.  I want to address the hotness of the green, balance it out more – I am hooked on how the mountains look  – now the green areas need to be more harmonious.  Plus the water needs work – its clearly not done.

I’m loving Spring this year.  Hope is self-perpetuating.

Initial sourcing of creation-more progress 2012

Initial sourcing of creation-more progress 2012

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Winning Straw

Until the 27th of April you can see the Collaboration 2012 show at the Jamestown Art Center.  It being “Earth day” season, the theme of the show smacked of re-purposing.   The size restriction was 12 x 12″.  I have several 10×10″ pieces.

I decided to modify one of my 10″ squares  to meet the requirements.   A marsh grass “frame” popped into my head – OK, maybe it was that random bag of the stuff that’s been in the  studio (for several months) that got me going.  The tricky part was devising a stable solution for the embellishment.

I  love this problem solving stuff.

I made equal piles of the grass, taped them down,  fitted them into a paper “sleeve” glued them, folded the sleeve over and weighted the thing overnight.  By morning, I had something I could work with.  I glued the sleeves on the back of the piece (everything was pre-measured). More weights and hours. Once it was dry and stable I cut the grass to size.  It worked!  And I used all the marsh grass in the bag…

AND, I received and “Honorable Mention” at the show.  It’s a good-looking show, check it out.

Marsh grass pre trim

It could use a home besides mine.  Think about it.

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