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So, after I finished the “Fifth Codex” painting I was jonesing to do my OWN work – not that I didn’t enjoy the commission, but my own stuff had to flow.  I had reconnected with an essential way of working after the commission – I welcomed that feel into the new work. I worked two very detailed drawings based on the Iceland experience, I know you are not surprised.

I wanted to express the feeling of being in the “smoking valley”, soaking in the wild hot spring with no one around, the expansiveness!

I had also started teaching the adult class at the Jamestown Art Center, so I could share the process with  my students  – they did not believe that you can start a painting with earth tones. Now they do!

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He tried everything.

It’s all good in its way, everything has something to teach. I had an expected “win” recently.  The photo does not do the piece justice, its meant to be contemplated until you level with it.

I found myself doing this obsessive drawing while I was in between stages for the “Fifth Codex” painting. I was walking on the street and with a soft gaze i saw the jillions of cracks in the macadam. I thought I’d draw a few thousand, then toss in some grains, then some bird forms, then  just a bit of color.

I got a card for a show at Spring Bull in Newport, 55 Bellevue Avenue. “The Luck of the Draw” I thought, “hey this piece would go, I’ll frame it”. So I did.  My husband went to the opening, I had a prior commitment.  He reported that I won first prize!  How nice it is to win!  I like it! A shining swell of happiness cloaked me briefly.

It was nicer making the piece, drawing each little graphite bubble. Ah. Filling in blanks with air, space.

It’s up until the 30 of March, check it out if you can.

Meanwhile I have more work to do, it’s a win,

The winning ribbon, Spring Bull Gallery 2012

win .

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