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Up and Atom

Wow. Things have been hopping around the Buzzpie.

This fall I taught a 6 week class to little dreamers at The Jamestown Art Center.  I call it Dream/Draw . The kids told me their dreams – I took notes, then commenced facilitating their drawings!  I shared a dream or two of mine as well so we were on a level dreaming field.  At the end of our sessions they made loose leaf books of their night dreams – they can add to it at any time.  It was atomic fun…I am offering it again, starting in January.

If they had a symbol that was hard to visualize we worked it out, because you have to try.  Show up for yourself!  I insist!

The Art Center is also offering my painting class for adults called “Paint your heart out”.  And we will.

I have also been joyfully working on a commission for a local novelist. Here’s a detail.  Talk about slow going!  It takes as long as it takes to get the right feel, to communicate what is essential and rich.

As we rocket towards year’s end, keep a loose grip on the fins – the ride will be smoother.

The faster you go the heavier you become.

Unfinished detail, Maya god

Stay light, buoyant, and grateful, a smile goes a long way during these days.

Go Mars Mission!

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