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Oh man, Iceland.   We were there for a few days in late September.  Our first taste.

I have never inhaled air so fresh. I have never (willingly) hiked in the rain.

I have never gone from being cold and wet on the trail to soaking in a volcanic hot spring and back to the rainy trail.

I have never been so close to a mammoth compelling waterfall.

Oh sweet Jesus, the bakeries.

Inspiration leaves you breathless.

Some kind of glacier related – beating heart of wonder – light filled contrasted piece will come from this.  It won’t be long.

Gullfoss ravine

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Early September our 11.5 year old male cat Mirror left on a rainy Wednesday morning and never to return.

It was my first time experiencing this sort of thing, and I have had animals my whole life!  It’s been a remarkable adjustment, here’s why.  He was disabled by severe and progressing arthritis (I KNOW– a CAT? but yes, it happens…) I spent the past 5 years dispensing various remedies to him.  Some gave him relief, but no cure.  He was a good patient.  So, I was a constant care-giver – always on the lookout for change.  I  kept tabs on him when he went out – I know this is counter intuitive to his condition, but he was a cat who went outside – even if just to lay in a fern bower all day.  He needed to feel like a man and I would not deny him that.  Towards the end we carried him up and down stairs.  We had fantasies of having some kind of wheels with braces on them, since his front half was quite fit.

He was a constant presence.  He talked A LOT.  It’s very quiet now, even though he is survived by his sister.  She is totally normal, healthy and more affectionate.

He would spend evenings with us on the couch receiving lots of love and pets – I figured as long as he could love, he wanted to live.  But, he had just had it with his bum back-end and took matters into his own paws.  I am grateful for his decision. Animal wisdom is the good stuff.

Here’s the thing.  He would bite us if we pet him for too long (enough! or too much…).  He would meow late at night and early in the morning – he couldn’t bear a closed-door, and God forbid anything changed – or he’d have to pee on it.  I have used ever cat de-stinker known to humankind and the only one that works is “Dumb Cat”.  He was hard to love for all his faults, not the “ideal pet” but love him we did, even more for his fierce heart and will to move.

We buried a photo of him and some favorite things to get some closure.

I did a piece for him as well. Ah, the healing arts.

Ode to Schmear

We miss him, our Mirror (also known as Schmear, Shma-Shma,Corn-dog, Buddy, Fluffy, My Boy), it was a singular experience.

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