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Mind Weeding

Ok so two MONTHS went by in this age of  – Instant! Now! Like! No like!

Summer completes, days shine shorter.   I don’t miss the stickiness of July – neither do my painterly materials. I’ve just finished  the first Canary islands/Shiva piece. It went through some welcome changes – here’s a shot for you.  I like the streaming blue sky from the mountain tops, concentrated gossamer filaments.  My first white sky. I was sore tempted to go back in and enhance the pink showing through – but I let it be – you really can noodle a painting for a LONG time. It is done, now. Really.

Attachment to your process and outcome is often not not be the best solution- sometimes areas (or whole paintings) need weeding – rubbing out – correcting.  This is where the joy of discovery lies – in SEEING what you transmit and crafting it towards beauty.

I launched the Etsy store – check it out – ReneStawickiStudio. I have several one of a kind post cards, plus the Buddha cards and the wire and bead stands. I’ll add more to the store when its right.

We are off to Iceland this week. I have a Volcano  monkey that needs feeding.

Shiva One: Neo-geological Completed 9/2011

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