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My Blue Buddha

Went to Beavertail yesterday, the perfect activity on a hot, windy summer day – basking on the rocks by a dwindling tidal pools.  It was radiant.  We did not even crack our reading material – it was enough just to gaze and drift for several hours fueled by lunch from “The Shack” at Dutch Harbor.  As the tide receded a new landscape was revealed – a subtle shift in perspective was all it took to see a  Lilliputian world complete with lakes and hills at our feet.

Summer left her mark on us yesterday. We gladly suffer the pink nip of her burn.

Sudsy Squirts

I made some Buddha altar cards recently – I plan on selling them on Etsy – I also made some wire stands.  It was fun working in 3d, something I rarely do.  The break from painting yielded some good results – when I got back to the easel I felt freer to make needed changes in the current project.

My script is off being review by 2 film festivals – that’s the writing project that had me for 3 years.  It still has me but it’s more domesticated since its completion. We’ll see how it goes.  The truly important thing was having the idea, seeing it through and getting it out there.  It was a bit more ambitious than working in 3d…

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