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June.  Heaven.  The fleece is packed away. Socks are laughable. Flip flops are the BEST.

Studio time and working in the garden are close relatives.  Same process – different methodology.  I would often whip myself when I was weeding and trying to “order” the unruly garden (so like our THOUGHTS)…I should be in the studio! I should be looking for a buck! I should be…right where I am as it turns out. All other activities benefit when you are – where you are!

So the garden looks good – after the 4 yards of mulch was distributed.  It all works out when you soften and stop resisting so much.

The series based on the Canary Islands jaunt has been started – here is a taste for you.As always there are other projects perking…

I submitted a script to the Rhode Island International Film Festival – THAT was the writing project I was yapping about. Time to WIN!

Also my across the street neighbor wanted to do a float for the Memorial day parade.  So we collaborated and made it so – it was total ridiculous fun.  Turns out I actually look good in a sea foam wig.  Something to consider when I am an old bag…harhar…

The freedom that su

1985 El Camino float: "The real housewives of Green Lane"

mmer brings is such a joy!

First underpainting - "Creation: Neo-Geo-Logical"

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