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The predictably drawn out New England winter  has me now shouting at the mass of lead gray clouds. “Get the flub out! GO already”. Yar, I know we have had some blue skies…not enough me hearties, not enough.

So, we had to go away Mid-March to hike some old volcanoes in the Canary Islands.  The hikes were fantastic, vista filled and yes, breathtaking.  Navigating the hairpin turn roads as a passenger made for some quease, all for the love of the trail.

It was restorative and totally inspiring.  I was able to solve a conceptual problem that I have with the “Shiva series” and it all came together when I got back in the studio last week. Like Ken Wilbur says, (I paraphrase) once you set your mind to a problem there will be a solution – its only a matter of time. I was lucky the solution only took a few months.

Before we left I finished “Heat Death in Beauty…” so here you are.  also a couple of shots from the trip.  Vacations take me out of my “comfort zone”   force me to be totally present (except when it looks like we’d be on the hairpin turn roads after dark – only then I project to a future – out of the car).  Try new things – it’s all in the name of….EXPANSION!

On that loud note let’s shout in Springtimes ear – she seems a little dopey with sleep…EXPAND ALREADY GIRL!

Grand Canary Gui Gui valley and ridge hike

Heat death in Beauty with modifications - final 2011


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