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Heat Death in Beauty-just started

Detail-Heat Death-just started

The Hibiscus of summer persisted!

Blinding white-topped with perfect celestial blue.  It’s not all bad, the birds still sing (when it’s not sleeting – let’s be honest). The air can be so salty and clean.  I have learned to stop detesting  this old man who breathes hoarfrost over our tender mammalness.

Resilience.  It’s a good practice to have.  OK, so I have “lost” several hours to scraping and shoveling.   I would have prefered spending  that time mixing and painting.  The stripey boy cats from next door love the paths in the snow,  it was their first winter. Our own furred warriors accomplished their patrols on the same paths. I’ve spotted Smokey scooping up snow and licking it off  her paw.

A limited harmony prevails.

I started a new piece and just went with what was going on.  Sometimes I feel like a translator, more than anything else.  I think it’s a soul having an ignition experience.  Here are the beginning stages.

I can hear Spring humming her green song in the far distance.  Listen…

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