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…And The Man who Played with Celery.  Yeah, that’s right.  For Thanksgiving. My Hubster had an

On the job for UPS 2011

Veggie Parthenon

architectural craving.  So, he crafted a  Parthenon from celery, cream cheese, figs and Wasa crackers.  Delicious!  The Gods smiled upon it!  It was a fun day filled with excellent food and family time.

Moving on to Christmas 2010 – I bagged a coveted gig as a “Driver”s Helper” for UPS.  That’s right, I popped off a bouncing seat every 20 seconds or so to deliver an anticipated package (mostly) to homes and business in a small, and densely populated area of Middletown.  I had a great driver – we had some laughs over the roar of the diesel engine and the near continuous bleeping of the “safety” systems and flashing lights. 3-5 hours a day for the month was enough for me.

Christmas day evening we zipped off to NYC to spend with some family.  It was most excellent.  We experienced the blizzard on the 26th as well.  Nature always wins, no blame necessary.  We left via Amtrak on the 27th, 3 hours late, but really, BLIZZARD.

So! back in the studio again. I made tiny postcards during the tiny bits of time I squeezed out.  And now I worked up a color study of a painting I have just started – more on that later, really.

I did not get the McColl Johnson grant – I hope someone REALLY worthy did get it!

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