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Reem Al Radience 2010 oil-board 11x14

The night just dropped like a giant, extra inky  bat.  Every year we make the adjustment (or not) as our Earth turns her face away from the light of our bright star.

The lights go on in the studio earlier every day, as the year we have crafted races to its end – to be reliably born again.

The work keeps moving forward!  Recently I finished the commission for a client in Newport.  The final destination of the piece is Dubai.  It will be given to the client’s friend as a thank you gift for 10 days of wonder and hospitality.  A unique generous gesture.  Here it is for you to see, as well.

It was a rare pleasure to work on this piece.  Translating the emotions into color and symbol was very…appropriate.  It felt natural and right. I could do more!

I’ve also included some process, plus the finished piece  based on the synthesis of a journey.  Another favorite mode of working.

As we rocket through to the end of yet another cycle I wish all of you a vibrant renewal!

Henry extracted the teeth of fear-drawing on primed linen

Henry extracted...in progress

Henry extracted the teeth of fear-final-2010

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