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Socks on

Unbelievable, but there it is. We go from roasting to hoodies in such a short time.

The dish is this.  I have applied for the MacColl/Johnson Grant.  It would be really good to get it. Really good.

I went to NYC to celebrate a friends opening @M55 in Queens. It was spectacular. It was also boiling hot 2 weeks ago.  The hot breath of the subway was fairly nasty.

I also went to the “new Museum” down in the Bowery. A gem of a museum. Intimate spaces with low crowds and very thought-provoking work.

I am working on a very special commission that will be finished in the next week or so. A labor of love and gratitude – the best kind of labor.  We are also starting to winter-proof  this old house – it’s a big job and we are getting an earlier start this year.

Time goosesteps on. Pictures next entry for sure. Well, maybe.

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