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I have a piece: “Sequencing the nearly immortal”  in Isherwood Gallery, 38 Bellevue Avenue in Newport.  The theme of the show is “Summer in Newport”  loosely translated to account for the diverse pool of talent we have in these parts.  26 other local artists are also included in the show.

The show runs from July 3 through September 19. So check it out – the gallery space is lovely and has a fine collection of work in it!

There is a breeze today, as long as movement is minimal-comfort reigns.

Summer is still my favorite season!

Fortunately, I have the smallest air conditioner made – in the studio – I could not work without it.  Before I had it,  I would soak an old shirt in cold water and wrap it around my neck. Low tech, ya think?  It worked for 15 minutes at a time.

The Shiva painting has gone through some more changes. It has been such pleasure modeling that green headed Demon.  He started out blue – that just made for a good base coat – or it could  hint at original goodness – I don’t think the Hindu pantheon works that way though.

Here are some new shots of the work in progress. I realized the animal shapes swooping to the top needed to be less distinct. Yep. It works better.

I keep collecting post it notes of ideas on my drawing table – more than Shiva.

Creativity=one dance with many partners. I may continue to turn with Shiva, but others beckon as well.

My red shoes are ready.

Green headed Demon of Ignorance

The path is clearer

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Algarve beach, cliff view

It’s over…and I thank all you excellent souls who visited the Wright Gallery at the Newport Art Museum where the 15 took their place on the walls doing their creator proud. Context, me humans context.

My darlings are bagged and leaning on my studio wall waiting their next destination. Born and AirBorn again. Make it so.

We will always have the book – just reduced the price by the way.

I’ll be showing at The Hope Gallery in Bristol with a few others in October, I’ll let you know.

We recently returned from a brief week’s stay on the brilliant and dry south coast of Portugal. Land of endless blue heavens (we lucked out…). Wild golden beaches, soaring crags of old lava, spicy random herbs –  all contributed to a continual “beginners mind”. My favorite kind, it always bears creative fruit later. The conjuring begins this very week.

The onset of late spring into summer is always filled with transitions for the home and “garden”. It is satisfying preparing the ground for all the new life, returning life, and the life that did not make it back. Everything arises, everything falls away.

I will miss our good neighbor, Fred and my friend Dr. Malkovich. Godspeed to you both. Come back soon.

Left wall AirBorn, Wright Gallery

Title wall

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