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So, yeah it’s on.  “AirBorn” is installed comfortably in the Wright Gallery

Work in progress - Shiva series 2010

at  The Newport Art Museum.  Remarkably (or not…) the pieces fit perfectly, that is the innate wisdom of the golden section for

Demon of ignorance - Shiva series - detail

ya.  It never ceases to delight!

The rain had teeth the night of the opening.  Grr. Still, many friends braved the deluge – they lit up walking into the gallery!  Mission accomplished!

I’m still bringing people through – that will continue for a while.  I will also give a gallery talk on May 13, Thursday at 6:00pm with Nancy Grinnell.

The most striking thing to me, as a creative being – is the process of getting the idea and working it out – all in my own space.  I was surrounded by these creations for a long time and here they are, reborn again.  The question now is, can they crawl back into the studio wombnest?  I sure hope not.  They need to fly off to a new home!

So, I have started the new project – a bit hasty – since I was starved for the PAINT.  It’s all about Shiva, he creates, he destroys, he dances on ignorance.  There will be plenty of paintings, however many it takes to move through my creative gut.

Looks like transformation is a permanent state, neh?

Happy Spring.

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