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Tiger Leaf

A new year!  The metal Tiger! MOW! Swap! And doze. Perfect.

“Everything, all the time”.

I read that fairly recently.  It’s an awareness that roams a garden of ideas.

It settles, pollinates and reviews the next candidate for possible continued life.

“In the garden” I write with an excellent,  inspiring  group.  Some of the sessions have triggered images (yah, like that was NOT going to happen). One of them shown here, nearly finished (Ambiguous Summons). Color tuning is all that remains.

I have also been working out the details of an artists book I plan on constructing that uses all the “AirBorn” images. I would like to do it in Giclee and letterpress. We’ll see. It needs more cook time.

“AirBorn” will be seen in its wholeness at the Newport Art Museum this year from April 3-June 6. A good long run in its own room. Check it out!

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