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Light Shift

OK, so it’s been awhile.

This is just a fact. I have been reveling, reading and being in the AMAZING light of September, and now October.  Soaking in the particles and waves of pure happiness.

I did finish up some work in the painting studio “Sequencing the Nearly Immortal”.  The painting based that’s based on the hike into ancient Lissos,  Western Crete.  Oh, heaven.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. I have loaded the work in progress as well so you can see how the piece progressed.

As for the writing project? Well, draft #5 is being read by the first feedback people. Then I’ll make some changes and send it off to the next level – by that time I’ll be detached from it enough to get back to painting.  Hey wait! Maybe sooner!

I really miss my juicy materials. I will do some dry media or something. Maybe some assemblage. You’ll see.

I’ll also tell you what the project is once the cat is roaming free out of the bag.

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