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It’s been a slow go in the studio these past few weeks. Numero uno, I soon realized that the creativity that flows into writing and painting may originate from the same juice bar – but the ENERGY that goes into the output is very different, indeed.

So. I thought I could divide my day into tidy packets of writing and painting – how efficient! I thought. I rode with this concept for a few weeks. The writing did not suffer, the painting did. Looking hard at some of the color and form choices I had made in the “Lissos” piece, I could see a re-work was in the cards.

Through the conjure process I favor when working on a landscape/mindscape subject, I am making corrections that balance the piece. Harmony is all.  It is not complete, but should be in a week or two.

Then, I’ll pick up the writing project again. It’s  good  letting it brew a few weeks. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes. It’s the 3rd draft, and not the last.  Slow going, but really, why rush and put something “out there” that is not your best effort ?

I offer up a couple of in progress shots of the “Lissos” piece as well as a piece I made for Newport Art Museum’s Wet Paint 2009.

As summer rolls up her wares, we will be ready for the true glory of September, the golden shoulder month. Ah.

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