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June Mushrooms

There must be a god of the “overcast”  throttling  Apollo  in his (clearly) gimpy chariot.

I am pounding vitamin D, all the while knowing that when our star shines again it will broil us!

All the lights are on and I am home in the studio. I offer you some new images…

“Compassion Ripened for Crow Types” is now complete and drying. I took all the photos myself – they are not perfect. When Mr. Photographer takes the next batch of shots – all will be clean again in the  gallery page.

I also include here “Liv’s Artifacts Remained Stable” 10×10″ oil. And, “She was so…Femmykin” 10×10″oil. It was a lot of fun doing these little “altered portraits”. I may do more – throw in a few men, even.

Maybe an animal.

These 3 pieces were completed in the past few weeks – since I gave the writing a break. I also started a new painting – you see the beginning stages – It is a conjuring of a stunning ancient valley in soutwestern Crete. Breathtaking, and giving.

The new green of the plants and trees has infused me with renewed energy, I’ll ride it as long as I can.

I love poppies!

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